Estate, Trust & Succession Planning

Protect Your Legacy

Proper estate succession planning is essential for preserving and directing the disposition of an individual’s assets, reducing potential estate tax liability and providing adequate liquidity. At Gumbiner Savett, our estate, trust and succession planning specialists have decades of expertise in this complex and ever evolving area.

Our specialists are trained to see the big picture and have the expertise to provide the maximum overall benefits for our clients. Many of the services we provide relating to trusts and estates are interrelated to such an extent that decisions made with regard to one area can significantly impact another area. As an example, if the tax bases of an estate’s assets were adjusted to their fair market values at the descendant’s date of death, this tax basis adjustment would also have important income tax consequences.

As accountants to high net worth individuals and owner operators of small to medium sized businesses, our expertise and in-depth knowledge of our clients’ financial, family and business situations, make us highly suited to spearhead the efforts of all professionals involved in an estate plan. We typically work with all of the professionals involved in estate planning such as attorneys, investment professionals, insurance brokers and appraisers.

We offer a wide range of estate succession planning and related services including:

  • Review of existing wills and trusts
  • Gifting strategies
  • Charitable gifting
  • Tax compliance
  • Related income tax planning
  • Estate administration
  • Tax elections
  • Retirement account planning
  • Business succession planning
  • Recommendations in the creation of an estate planning team of professionals