Litigation Support

Gumbiner Savett professionals understand that each legal case is unique with its own set of facts, circumstances, players and lawyers. We have significant experience in identifying relevant financial issues and presenting conclusions, allowing us to work closely with attorneys and their clients on litigation matters. Whether we are calculating or rebutting damages, we are involved in all stages of each case, including devising strategies, aiding in the preparation of interrogatories, assisting with preparation for depositions and trial, and providing expert witness testimony. Our clients include attorneys, clients involved in litigation and trustees of large estates.

Our litigation support professionals are accustomed to rigorous cross-examination and our experience has given us insight into what attorneys expect from CPAs. We work for both plaintiffs’ and defendants’ counsel. We also provide services as independent accountants and mediators in matters involving accounting disputes.

Gumbiner Savett’s litigation support services include:

  • Analyze and interpret financial data
  • Identify and quantify damages
  • Trace assets
  • Identify, research and resolve income tax issues
  • Analyze and rebut opposing expert opinions
  • Assist in formulating strategies and drafting pleadings
  • Value businesses and other assets
  • Participate in settlement negotiations

Our litigation experience:

  • Accountant’s malpractice
  • Bankruptcy
  • Business disputes
  • Family law accounting and divorce
  • Fraud investigations
  • Personal injury
  • Regulatory actions
  • Royalty and contract audits
  • Tax controversy