Our Commitment to Local & Global Communities

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At Gumbiner Savett Inc., corporate responsibility is about doing the right thing for our clients, our staff and the local and global community we live in. As a local Southern California accounting firm, we focus our efforts on benefiting charities and those in need in the surrounding areas.

The firm has been involved with many charitable, educational and religious organizations throughout the years. Our people give with their time, their talents and their wallets to varying causes. As a firm, we have made a commitment to our neighbors and focus heavily on supporting several organizations in our backyard.

Diversity & Inclusion

At Gumbiner Savett, we strongly believe in equal opportunity for staff and clients alike. We work in a diverse global economy that is continuously changing. GS embraces that diversity in many ways, including race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, age and disability — all of which fuels the perspective we are able to bring to our work. Most importantly, we value the different traits in all of us and understand those varying qualities make us stronger.


Our founding shareholders believed in supporting the communities that had impacted them professionally and personally. As a result, the firm supports our shareholders and staff to “give back” to those who have made an impact on them. Many of our shareholders and staff are members or on the board of directors of several not-for-profit organizations related to the accounting profession, education, children, sports and music. We also celebrate charities supported by our staff members through our monthly “Giving Fridays”. The organizations we support include:

Sustainable Practices

With a long history as a Santa Monica City-based business, Gumbiner Savett is working to offer more sustainable practices to our staff and clients. We have been a “paperless” accounting firm for over 11 years which allows us to take advantage of the efficiencies of an electronic working environment. We offer incentives for carpooling, public transit, walking, vanpooling and bicycling to all staff. We also practice energy conservation and recycling.