Real Estate

Services Crucial to Real Estate Management

RealEstatePageAt a time when ongoing market volatility is forcing the entire real estate industry – developers, builders, designers, buyers, sellers, investors – to think differently, sound financial and business advice is essential.

Gumbiner Savett has been providing the industry with trusted real estate services including accounting, tax and business information and planning, since its inception. We know that slowdowns not only require prudent business practices that guarantee financial survival, but create opportunities to design and implement strategies that prepare for the future.

How do you aggressively seek profits while maintaining a financial safety net? How does one reduce operating costs? Where is the industry headed and how do you stay ahead of the trends?

The current real estate market will change and Gumbiner Savett will continue to help its clients design and implement business and tax strategies that will help them effectively manage their real estate funds not only next month, but next year, next decade and beyond.

Our services include:

  • Audits, accounting and special reports
  • Tax services
  • Pension fund services
  • Budgets and projections
  • Litigation support
  • Internal controls