Accounting for Construction Companies and General Contractors

Our founder lectured on construction accounting at UCLA when he started the firm in Los Angeles over 65 years ago. Since that time, Gumbiner Savett has provided the construction industry with excellent accounting, tax and business advice, and planning.

We’ve been entrenched in the industry during both its biggest building booms and virtual standstills in development. Throughout the years, our industry clients – middle-market contractors in public works and sub-contractors in almost every field – have trusted us to bring clarity to the inexact science of budgeting and planning based on estimates.

It’s never been more challenging to manage a construction company or invest in large construction projects. As builders have fought to survive the recent economic downturn, they’ve learned the value of sound financial advice and established relationships with clients, banks and investors.

Our services include:

  • Lender – and client – trusted assurance services
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • BFO audits
  • Fraud examination and prevention
  • Litigation support