Accounting Consulting for Agriculture Businesses

AgriculturePageArtIt is critical for advisors to comprehend the many aspects of farming and the nuances related to its business cycles. Gumbiner Savett has spent the past 25 years working with farmers, studying their practices and advising them. Over that time period, we have grown to understand farming and what farmers do, enabling us to become one of the only firms in Southern California that specializes in agriculture.

Agriculture is one of our country’s backbone industries. It is a complex world of evolving regulations and often unpredictable market conditions. Agriculture professionals are tasked with many difficult questions: What do you need to pre-buy for the growing seasons? What are the tax advantages of timing crops and delivery schedules? What does a year-end plan require? What type of cash flow is necessary in order to maintain strong bank support?

Our staff of advisors is well-versed in agriculture, including field crops, orchards, nurseries, food processing, ag-service, family-owned- and- managed farms and wineries.

Whether it is agriculture or any other business, we know clients do not like surprises. Because success in agriculture is very dependent on planning, Gumbiner Savett specializes in just the sort of mapping ahead that farmers depend on.

Selected services include:

  • International, federal and state and local tax preparation and planning
  • Audit, financial reporting and consulting
  • Cash flow analysis
  • Pricing and cost structure analysis
  • Industry benchmarking to aid in the understanding of production and overhead costs
  • Assistance with obtaining financing and financing strategies