Entertainment, Media, and Visual Arts

Accounting Consulting Focused on the Entertainment Industry

EntertainmentSliderSouthern California is one of the major hubs for the entertainment industry. Whether you are part of the film, television, music or interactive entertainment sectors, Gumbiner Savett’s experience in this area affords us the ability to provide a high-level of service not found in firms our size.

Our entertainment focused partners each have over 20 years of entertainment experience with both large and independent companies as well as individuals. Our partners also have experience with public company reporting, including IPOs and reverse mergers.

As economic and competitive forces have pushed the industry’s evolution, we have played a key role in the success of our clients’ projects. How do you use tax credits and incentive programs to reduce production and tax costs? How should you structure a film production with tax savings in mind? What are the accounting ramifications of a three-picture deal? How are project costs accounted for and amortized? These are questions that we assist our clients with on a regular basis.

Our services include:

  • Accounting consulting and tax planning
  • Tax credits and incentives
  • Amortization of film costs and revenue recognition
  • Investor relations
  • Cash flow projections
  • Royalty and licensing audits