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Gumbiner Savett Trio Named to List of Women Leading the Accounting Industry

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Gumbiner Savett Inc. congratulates Valerie Colin, Karla Chavez Luna and Helena Song for being recognized as “Women of Influence in Accounting” in the Los Angeles Business Journal. The accolade is a result of the 2020 Accounting MOVE Project Report that looks at the inroads women accountants have made towards equality in the accounting field. “This [...]

Company Car Perk: Address the Tax Complexities

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The perk of a company car isn't entirely "free" for employees. Generally, employees are taxed on the personal value of this fringe benefit, subject to certain special rules and annual limits. Significantly, the IRS recently announced the 2017 thresholds applicable for valuations of vehicles. Background Information An employer that provides taxable fringe benefits to employees is [...]

Helping Kids Learn to Manage Money

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A recent survey by the American Institute of CPAs found that while the majority of parents provide an allowance, they are uncomfortable talking to their kids about finances. Mom and Dad are more likely to talk about the importance of courtesy, healthy eating habits, and good grades than they are about managing money. Savvy parents [...]

Maintaining a Healthy Stream of New Clients

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It’s easy to focus on your work and what you do best. But, to maintain a healthy stream of new clients or customers, you also need to focus on bringing in new business. If you are not sure where to concentrate your efforts, below are four ways to keep you on track. 1.      Talk to [...]

2013 Key Tax Deadline Dates

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It’s important to stay on top of your tax deadlines. Although the following dates apply to most situations, contact your tax advisor to discuss your specific filing deadlines: January 15 — Due date for the fourth and final installment of 2012 estimated tax for individuals (unless you file your 2012 return and pay any balance [...]

Consider Purchasing a Company Vehicle Before December 31, 2012

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Business-related purchases of new or used vehicles may be eligible for Section 179 expensing, and business-related purchases of new vehicles may be eligible for bonus depreciation. But Sec. 179 expensing limits are scheduled to go down in 2013, and bonus depreciation is scheduled to disappear. So you might benefit from purchasing business vehicles before year [...]

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