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A review of your estate plan is necessary after a divorce

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Estate Plan After Divorce If you’re divorcing, it’s important to review your estate plan as early as possible, for two reasons: First, you may wish to revise your plan immediately to prevent your spouse from inheriting or gaining control over your assets if you die or become incapacitated before the divorce is [...]

Adding your grandchild’s college tuition into your estate plan

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  The staggering cost of college makes it critical for families to plan carefully for this major expense, and in many cases, grandparents want to play a role. As you examine the many financing options for your grandchildren, be sure to consider their impact on your estate plan. Make payments directly to the college A [...]

Consider these four tips if art donations are included in your estate plan

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Art Donations Charitable giving is a key part of estate planning for many people. If you have a collection of valuable art, you may consider donating one or more pieces to receive tax deductions. Generally, it’s advantageous to donate appreciated property to avoid capital gains taxes. Because the top federal capital gains [...]

8 Steps to Handling the Challenges when a Spouse Dies Suddenly

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What if the unthinkable happens and your spouse dies unexpectedly? Would you be prepared to cope emotionally and financially? As the surviving spouse, you’ll face several tasks and challenges. What to handle first By no means complete, the following are areas that will need to be addressed: Death certificates. One of the first things to [...]

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