It’s easy to focus on your work and what you do best. But, to maintain a healthy stream of new clients or customers, you also need to focus on bringing in new business. If you are not sure where to concentrate your efforts, below are four ways to keep you on track.

1.      Talk to Your Clients.

Current clients are your best resource for new business. Ask them for referrals and testimonials. Keep them well informed of your full breadth of services because they can be your biggest advocates.

Talk to your clients about their needs and what is on their mind. Depending on your business, you can ask clients whether they’re considering future projects, new business avenues, etc. There may be a place for your service in these new ventures that they may not have thought of. If your company offers ongoing services it is critical they understand the value of the service and how it will help them in long run. 

2.      Set Yourself Apart

It’s tempting to compete on price in service industries, but service providers who’ve enjoyed long-term success articulate what sets their companies apart through the value they bring their clients and customers. Then they provide excellent customer service.

Figure out where you excel and how those strengths benefit your clients. For example, if you’re a green building expert, explain how your energy-efficient construction will save your clients significant dollars on utilities. Being responsive but proactive with your clients is key.

3.      Track Your New Business  Goals

How many new clients or projects do you need each month to hit your annual sales target? Tracking sales metrics and setting goals based on these metrics is a critical task for successful business development.

That way you can re-assess your planning and be able to make adjustments to your efforts more quickly.

4.      Leverage Online Marketing Resources to Remain Competitive

Today, social media and online resources are an excellent and cost effective way for raising awareness and building goodwill around your business. These efforts can pay dividends by helping you reach new potential customers. Create a compelling website that reflects you and your firm, update clients and prospects regularly through a newsletter, blog or direct mailers. An integrated, regularly updated LinkedIn page, Facebook page or Twitter account could help you build a large community of contacts and followers. Many of these resources are free and only require your time.

The most important aspect of boosting your business development efforts in a professional service firm is to stay the course. Being diligent will become a habit over the long run.