The notion that “Happy employees lead to a happy workplace,” has been taken to heart at the Santa Monica based accounting firm, Gumbiner Savett Inc. The firm has recently adjusted its dress code to adhere to casual Fridays every week.

 “After talking to all levels of the firm and discussing immediate changes that made sense for us, moving to casual Fridays was the most ideal progression in the dress code,” says HR Director, Clare Sataloff. Having been a business casual firm for many years, the firm takes employee input very seriously. “We had been a casual Friday firm once a month as part of our fundraising activities. It always made a great impact on morale, which led to the permanent change of casual dress every Friday,” stated Sataloff.

“As leaders, we are always looking for ways to maintain a positive work atmosphere,” says Managing Director Rick Parent. “If we can make simple adjustments to the rules we have in place, that will make for happier employees, I’m all for it!” Open communication and listening are the firm’s key factors in maintaining a favorable workplace.