Loyola Marymount University Invites GS to its Meet the Firms

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The GS team had an extremely successful and entertaining time at LMU's Meet the Firms this week. We got a chance to meet with many different students to discuss our firm culture and current open positions.

GS Holds the Final Bake Sale to Raise Funds for Breast Cancer Research

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Gumbiner Savett held its third and final bake sale of the month to raise money for the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. The GS staff brought in baked goods from home to sell. The Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation helps to improve the lives of those impacted by breast cancer through education and advocacy. The [...]

Your “brand” has commercial value and is taxable

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Federal Tax News Your Brand Generally, income generated by a self-employed taxpayer's trade or business is subject to self-employment tax. One successful author received royalty income from publishing contracts for her writing, her name and her likeness. She claimed that amounts received for her name and likeness (her "brand") were investment income, and [...]

Gumbiner Savett’s Summer Celebration at the Pacific Park!

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Gumbiner Savett employees and their families were invited to  GS's 2019 summer event at Pacific Park in Santa Monica. Everyone had a great time eating, riding rides and playing games, and enjoying a beautiful view of the ocean. A good portion of the employees got to the event using the train.

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