Independent Audits for Nonprofits

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I have recently written  about the importance of “Not-For-Profits and Transparency.”   Although preparing financial statements is the  organization’s responsibility, an independent audit of those statements can give granting agencies, donors and others confidence that the numbers are  accurate and properly reported. CPA Performed Independent Audit There are many  kinds of audits, including those conducted by state [...]

Not-For-Profits and Transparency

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To most nonprofits “transparency” connotes the need to make financial statements more readily understandable, and suggests being open about all aspects of their operations. Since the IRS revised Form 990 several years ago to require the disclosure of a range of information, transparency has become more important for nonprofits. Protecting Your Not-For-Profit Through Transparency Reputation [...]

Grant-Writing Techniques for Non-Profits

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With the economy still somewhat volatile, funding organizations continue to hold on tight to their checkbooks, funding fewer projects. At the same time, competition for a grant can be greater than ever. So if your not-for-profit is to become a grant recipient, your proposal will need to shine. Researching Your Options Your first step is [...]

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