Branding Your Organization

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Brand loyalty isn’t just for cereals and electronic devices. It’s also an integral part of marketing health care services in a competitive marketplace. This article explains the strategic importance of branding. It involves a health care provider’s determining what it wants to say about itself and then determining target markets and the best ways to reach them. Branding efforts should be targeted internally, too, to create “brand ambassadors.” A sidebar lists some brand elements that hospitals have used to set themselves apart.

Does your child need to file a tax return?

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If your child has been socking away those gift checks and trading stocks along with the E-Trade baby, you could have some reporting to do.  Special rules apply to anyone who can be claimed as a dependent on another return.  These rules apply regardless of whether you actually claim your child as a dependent; the [...]

Ten Tax Tips If You Are Moving For Your Work

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The IRS recently published some excellent tax planning  tips for people  who are moving during the summer if your move is related to starting a new job or a new job location. Move must be closely related to start of work: Generally, you can consider moving expenses incurred within one year from the date you [...]

Consider a Multistate Nexus Review for Your Business

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The Internet and other technological developments have made it easy for companies to do business across state lines. Unfortunately, along with these new business opportunities comes a new set of tax issues.

Crossing State Lines to Improve Your Business?

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Crossing state lines for a project can be a savvy way to boost the bottom line. But doing so can also mean dealing with new and complex tax issues such as dealing with nexus. Establishing an economic presence may make you subject to state and local taxes.

4 Tips to Buying Art as an Investment

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Should you buy art as an investment? It is a good question, and one that merits some careful consideration. Although I love art, my job as the accountant is to advise my clients regarding the tax ramifications and keep them compliant with the tax rules. But sometimes clients need a sounding board so my general advice breaks down into these key points:

A Good Business Budget in Six Steps

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Many businesses overlook budgeting as they feel it is just more paperwork that takes away time that can be used elsewhere: they do not need more work in their already tight schedule. When you run your own business, every dollar is precious and you need to know where your money is going. In fact, budgeting [...]

Itemize Allowable Miscellaneous Expenses and Reduce Taxes

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The IRS recently issued a summertime tax tip to remind taxpayers that certain miscellaneous costs paid during the year may be deductible. If you itemize, these deductions could help lower your tax bill.

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