ESOPs – A Multifaceted Strategy for Your Manufacturing Business

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Corporate finance, employee benefits and succession planning likely are key issues you have to contend with as an owner of a manufacturing company. Did you know that there’s a multifaceted strategy that can handle all three issues? It’s the employee stock ownership plan (ESOP). But before getting too excited about ESOPs, it’s important to learn their drawbacks as well as their benefits.

The Role of ESOPs in Retirement Planning

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Most business owners have a lot of wealth tied up in their companies. If you’re in the same boat, how can you convert some of that wealth into cash to help pay for your retirement? Many C corporation owners have found that an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) — a qualified retirement plan, similar to [...]

Handing Off the Family Business

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Family business owners often make certain assumptions — that their children will gladly succeed them or that they’ll be able to transfer ownership and enjoy a comfortable retirement. Such assumptions can be dangerous. For starters, family members may have other career objectives. Even if they don’t, succession planning can be tricky, involving both your retirement [...]

Employee Stock Ownership Plans for Today’s Businesses

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Michael Savoy, Gumbiner Savett’s Managing Director, recently wrote an article about the affordability of ESOPS in today’s economy.  Michael knows this area well and has often spoken for the California Society of CPAs' Educational Foundation on succession planning and exit strategies with an emphasis on ESOPs. ESOPS More Affordable in the Current Economy   The employee [...]

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