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Jill Massey, CPA, MST is a Tax Principal at Gumbiner Savett Inc who specializes in tax planning, compliance, and tax controversy for construction, manufacturing, real estate, and nonprofit organization clients. With extensive experience in all areas of tax compliance and consultation, Jill focuses a significant part of her practice on partnership taxation and real estate investments.

To Shred or Not to Shred….Business Paperwork

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Confused about managing paperwork? Here are some tips that will help you keep what’s important and toss what you no longer need. 1.  Tax Records Keep tax records for at least seven years. Tax records include copies of income tax returns, documents supporting your reported income and deductions (W-2s, 1099s, receipts for claimed deductions, etc.) [...]

Energy Tax Credits…Take Advantage Now

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Generous tax credits resulting from energy-saving purchases are still available to many taxpayers. Home Upgrades and Appliances On the low end of the spectrum, homeowners can receive a tax credit equal to 10% of the cost to upgrade their windows, doors, and other energy efficient household items. On a grander scale, you can receive a [...]

Eight Reasons the IRS May Flag Your Tax Return

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What are your chances of being audited by the IRS? Not surprisingly, the nation’s tax collector tends to go after the big money. According to figures recently released by the IRS, approximately 1.11% of all 2010 individual tax returns were audited in 2011, the same as the prior year. This rate has hovered around the 1% [...]

Why S Corporations Might be Right for You

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 S corporations have certain tax advantages that you might consider for your small business in 2013 – before it’s too late. An S corporation is a regular corporation that has opted to have all income or loss passed down to the personal tax returns of its shareholders rather than taxed at the corporate level. This [...]

Should You Consider a Non-deductible IRA?

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If you’re in a company retirement plan and your 2013 adjusted gross income exceeds certain levels ($69,000 for singles and heads of household; $115,000 for married people filing jointly), you can’t deduct contributions to an IRA. You can still make contributions (up to the usual annual limits), but if they’re not deductible, why would you [...]

Better Tax Savings through Research

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Better Tax Saving Through Research Shareholder Barbara Rosenbaum and Senior Manager Jill Massey from Gumbiner Savett  - along with other tax experts -  were interviewed by CPA Magazine regarding tax research.  Tax research allows tax professionals to take a proactive approach in helping their clients maximize their tax deferrals and tax savings. Below is an [...]

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