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Hear from GS Professionals


Employee Since 2014
“Our office has a small firm feel with strong attentiveness to client relationships, while we also have the resources and breadth of expertise of a larger firm. New hires should expect to be challenged on a daily basis. Senior staff and managers will be there for professional and personal growth along the way.”


Employee Since 2016
“GS is not the “typical” work environment that I expected from a CPA firm… I enjoy a nice work-life balance. In public accounting, there is no way around not working over 40 hours during busy season, however, GS makes the mandatory hours doable, and offers good incentives for your hard work.”


Employee Since 2008
“I first joined GS in Oct 2008. I left after two years, only to return in December 2013 because I missed the culture and the people. GS has a great work environment and is filled with dedicated professionals. Our clients recognize the importance that GS places on their needs; we make sure they know they are taken care of.”


Employee Since 2016
“GS is the perfect size CPA firm for me. It is large enough to have partners and managers who specialize in different major fields of tax and audit, and at the same time it is small enough for all the employees to know each other and work in a friendly environment.”


Employee Since 2013
“I chose to become an accountant because learning about and working in a variety of industries has allowed me to grow as a professional. Specifically, I chose GS because this firm also provides me the opportunity to work in both the audit and tax sectors, which helps me better serve my clients. Additionally, I am able to work with different companies in various industries.”


Employee Since 2013
“I love being a tax accountant because I am able to work with many different types of clients from a wide array of industries. GS provides the ideal working environment that encourages me to continue learning and growing in my career while surrounding myself with like-minded individuals. I enjoy staying on top of the latest developments in legislation so that I can provide my clients with the highest quality work.”


Employee Since 2008
“I love being an accountant because we have the ability to work in several industries and with many different companies. Working at GS allows me to work within diverse industries such as sports, entertainment and cosmetics, to name a few. An added bonus to working at GS are the excellent co-workers I interact with every day.”


Employee Since 2014
“In college I knew I wanted to work in public accounting because of the complexity of the field and the opportunity to tackle new challenges on a daily basis. I was looking for a firm that could offer me a warm, learning environment, where those who work hard and strive for excellence are rewarded in kind. At GS I received all of that, including an office in Santa Monica.”


Employee Since 2000
“We are a close knit firm — the partners, principals and managers know the employees by name and assist in any way to help in your career development. I also enjoy the friendly atmosphere the firm has, and the challenge it gives me each day.”
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